Thursday, February 16, 2012

Taco milk

I went shopping at Chode's today.

Just to be clear, Chode's is the neighborhood grocery store, a chode is a euphemism for naughty bits.

Anyway I was in Chode's shopping and I forgot my glasses.  I'm very self-conscious about wearing glasses and I almost subconsciously leave them behind whenever I go somewhere that I really need them.  Particularly when I'm not wearing contacts, which I wasn't.

I was perusing {more like squinting really hard} the new products aisle and  saw a package for "Taco Milk."  Sounds disgusting, but I'm an adventurous girl and I picked up a container.  Just as I was doing so an elderly man tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Miss, you are very beautiful.  I'm 86, I tell the truth."

I thanked him and before he walked away he said, "By the way, that taco mix is delicious."

I was simultaneously pleased and alarmed by his comments.  Beautiful? Me? Flattery will get you everywhere. Taco mix? I thought it was Taco milk. And who even thinks there's such a thing as taco milk? What the aitch?

Worst of all, are my eyes really as bad as an 86 year olds?


  1. Taco milk! LOL in Monrovia there is an all Spanish groocery over off of Santa Anita Drive, so I strolled in....I began to notice that even looking at pictures did not help determine what the product was, nor was it particularly useful that I'd just huffed three giant bowls of Blackberry Kush. This gave me a nice perspective on what it must be like for someone who speaks no English to walk in a store with no Spanish signage or speakers. i love LA, every block is a different world.

  2. I can't see much of anything without mine.

  3. That's true about old people, they tell the truth.

  4. Cute. You and your writing.

  5. annoying storytelling

  6. Sounds like something that would happen to me! XD