Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where you at?

Hi!  Remember me?

I've literally been without my tablet for days.  I did something horrible to it and now it doesn't work.  I've been reduced to posting from my phone, which isn't the greatest to begin with.

Good news is: I'm returning to LA tomorrow!  Yay!

I've had an existential visit with my family, and now we're closer than ever.  Bad news is: I'm back on "island time" and it's going to take a serious adjustment to get back to being a busy bee at two jobs.

Thanks to all of you who have been reading and checking in.  And a very special thanks to you-know-who for being so understanding! XOXO

I'll start posting new comics soon.



  1. It will be good to have you back in town.

  2. Glad to see that your back writing, Tera!

  3. Damn. That tablet looks very, very unhappy. Safe home, and good luck with the jet lag.


    1. Hi Blake! I'm glad you followed my link -- it's nice to have you around!

      My actual tablet isn't nearly as bad as that pic, but you get the general idea. I'm using y backup laptop until the tablet gets fixed.

  4. Poor tablet!
    Hope you had a nice trip back to your other home. :)