Friday, February 10, 2012

Uneasy lies the head

My sleeping pattern is out of whack.  I suffer from serious jet lag, and I've barely slept since I left Los Angeles. Ugh.

Adding to my frustrations is the intermittent Internet here, which is my only connection to the civilized world.

I'm staying at my parent's place in Mangilao.  I was so happy to see my Mom and brother I broke down and cried.  A lot.  Too much.  Like hysterical, inconsolable sobbing.  They think something's up.  And so do I.  I've been holding in a lot of shame and now it's spilling out all over my parents white wall-to-wall carpeting.

The Colonel {my Dad} will be coming home from the base soon.  Oh boy.  I'm well into my twenties but I feel like I'm twelve when I'm in his house.

My Dad printed out some choice examples of my comic strip and left them on my bed for me to see.  I suppose I could say they're all fiction, but I don't lie.  Ever.  And I'm certainly not going to start now.


  1. Tera -

    You need to be careful what you say about your life on line. It's gripping and heart wrenching but I worry about you.

    - Maria

  2. I knew you were Pinay just by the way you write. Filipina's don't hold anything back.

    It's almost 1 AM in the morning here pht you must have a serious case of not being able to sleep. I can see why my mom scares me when she gets mad.

  3. My advice to you is to tell your folks everything in detail, leaving nothing out. Once it's all out there, warts and all, there will be nothing for bad emotions like shame to stick to.

    - Jon

  4. this is a complicated situation

  5. you can handle this.
    you have nothing to be ashamed of.

  6. Dear Tera, I hope you are just being a bit dramatic in telling us your situation. I mean like OMG. Your parents might "compel" you to move back in with them? What to say? Be honest, and good luck! tommym

    1. Me? Dramatic? Never!:)

      I am, however, not exaggerating my circumstances. I had my intervention a few hours ago and I'll write a blog entry or comic about it soon. I have some hard decisions to make.

      Things could be much worse. I could have nowhere to go... and that would be an awful feeling.