Friday, July 13, 2012

Booth babe

So, like I said, I'm at Comicon. I usually attend as a Industry professional, but I forgot to register this year so the only way I could get in is by taking a gig as a "product representative"...that's a nice way of saying I'm a scantily-clad "booth babe."

It started as a fun gig... well, until I started running into people I know from work -- now I'm totally embarrassed!  My costume totally shows ass cheek & side boob! I don't want my co-workers seeing my ass cheeks & side boobs, would you?



  1. I try to show off my ass cheeks and side boobs at every chance I get. It's like my mantra if I had one

  2. Yeah, but do you do it in front of co-workers?

  3. heh heh. I more than willing to ruin the eyes and stomachs of my co-workers with my girlish figure

  4. May I see some side boob, please?