Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The French leave

I've become famous (more like infamous) for my propensity for the "the French leave."

A French leave refers to the act of leaving a party without bidding farewell to -- and thereby not disturbing -- the host.

In American culture it's considered rude to leave a party without saying goodbye, but -- in my mind -- it's much more rude to create a scene over the fact that you're leaving; air kisses and phony sentiments are not for me!

On this subject I am unapologetic. 

I think that the French -- and dogs -- got it right.  Dogs, you ask?  Yup, in the wonderful world of canines there are no goodbyes, only hellos!


  1. Well, now that I know that, I'm not so worried. I kind of wondered, because the last time you stopped comicking, it seemed (to my late-coming eyes) to be well planned. This time, I didn't know if you just up and died or what (of course, I assumed not, but you never know). If you do it again, I'll just take it in stride. Lovely to have you back!

  2. Where you really worried? I know it sounds weird, but that makes me smile.