Monday, July 9, 2012


I've been called a lot of things in my life: the B word, the C word, the S word and the W word are a few of my favorites.  They're all descriptive, and can be very hot when used in the right um... circumstance.  But one not so hot aspersion keeps coming up, and it got me a little worried. That particular aspersion is: flaky. 

I'm flaky? 

Here's the definition:

Flay-ky [fley-kee]
  1. Of or like flakes.
  2. Lying or cleaving off in flakes or layers.
  3. Slang: unreliable, eccentric; dizzy: a flaky brother-in-law.
It's the slang definition that concerns me.  Unreliable?  Eccentric?  Dizzy?  What?  Me? Ha ha ha!  Just because I disappear for months on end, pull an occasional "French leave" (more on this later),  bat my eyelashes to get out of trouble, and run screaming from every relationship I've ever cared about doesn't mean I'm flaky!  It means I'm a twenty-something year-old girl, and twenty-something year-old girls have an excuse: 

A woman's prerogative.  

Look it up, you've probably been pronouncing and spelling it wrong your whole life!  

And you call me flaky!




  1. Same old Tera,brilliant,funny and way more skill than I'll ever have. Missed you and thought I'd say hi.

  2. Me skilled? Compliments will get you everywhere, mister!