Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday in San Diego

Well, Comicon is over (for me at least;) I've had my fill.  Like I mentioned earlier: I spent most of my time as a product representative.  But I did get to go to some panels, view a few teaser trailers, and see some pretty great costumes.

There was even someone selling comic books here, allegedly:)

I've been attending Comicon for a few years and it has always been more about movies & TV than comic books.  I hear tale that it was once nothing but comics; writers panels, comic book dealers, artists signing their work with fans queueing up for blocks.

It's definitely not like that these days.  All you really see are corporate displays... seems a lot like a car show, or any industry show these days.  Some people seem upset by this, but I feel it's just natural progression.
Nothing remains the same -- it the nature of things.

I'm sure some day people will pine for the simplicity of Comicon 2012.

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