Friday, July 27, 2012

Doc Martin

Do you watch Doc Martin?  It's on DVD and PBS here in the States.

Doc Martin is a TV series that takes place in a quaint little seaside village.  The story revolves around Martin Ellingham, a MD who suffers sudden onset hemophobia and is forced to change his career from surgeon to country doctor.

Dr. Ellingham doesn't suffer fools gladly, in fact he is downright rude to the point of hilarity.

The stories are generally about the trials and tribulations of a stuffy, insufferable man working in a village where everyone is up in his business.

It's really great!

I just caught up on the first four season while laid up with back problems.



  1. Well, since YOU like it I will take a look!

  2. I watch it regularly, and you're right it's really good!